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Tetuan Valley was founded in 2009 by three entrepreneurs, when the word ‘startup’ was barely heard of in Europe. The founders saw a huge problem in the (almost inexistent) tech entrepreneurship scene of Madrid (ES) : the entrepreneurs were all on their own. There were people with great ideas and people with great talent, but there was no institution to bring them together and no one to guide them in their projects.

The Tetuan Valley Startup School was born to do just that: to help entrepreneurs out with their first steps, and to bring link-minded individuals together.

The 1st edition of the Startup School was held in the Fall of 2009 and since then we have held more than 25 editions.


Tetuan Valley today

What started as 3 people has become today a community of over 500 entrepreneurs who have gone through the program. Many of these still work in the startup world, some with the startup that they came to create at Tetuan Valley. Our star program, the Startup School, is a 6 week program that helps startups kickstart their projects.

After 9 years of running programs we have learnt quite a bit and are now taking our expertise to other cities of Spain and are on the lookout for opportunities abroad. We are now also taking the Tetuan Valley mindset and the way of the entrepreneur to university students and to corporations looking to innovate in the way they work, thus expanding our network into very different environments.

We are a place where you can empower your ideas with aid from like-minded people




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