Tetuan Valley’s strongest attribute?
It’s community

600 alumni and counting

The Tetuan Valley team, along with its outstanding alumni, mentors and startup enthusiasts stand at the core of this organization's dynamic group of entrepreneurs. 

Year after year the alumni keep coming back to give back to the community by participating in the startup school as mentors, godparents or just attending sessions to give feedback to the teams.


Our network extends to our alumni and also our collaborators at Google and other European accelerators.

Our Strong Community

 We collaborate with accelerators from across Europe widening our network of mentors. Moreover, we work close to Google for Startups, as partners, having access to Google Mentors and helpful resources by working at Google for Startups Campus Madrid.



It was a fantastic experience: we met a bunch of cool mentors who helped us with everything we needed. We now know how to run a business. We also learned the importance of metrics and how to truly validate our ideas.
— Alberto Gimeno, TVSS11
In these last months we learned what it means to be focused, to know who our customers are, to have clear goals and to go for them. Before, we were running around like a chicken with its head cut off.
— Jesús Botella, TVSS12
If you have a business idea or you are developing a product, Tetuan Valley is probably the best place in Europe to start it. Entrepreneurship and innovation from the hands of experts.
— Ivo Vilches, Arbor
Tetuan Valley has one of the strongest communities of entrepreneurs in Europe. Talented people who support each other to create a learning model.
— Carlos Hernandez, Gamify