Join Tetuan Valley either as a participant in our startup school or as a collaborator.



If you have an idea for an innovative digital product you can participate in our Startup School program. There are no fees or small print, all we ask of you is commitment.

Learn about our ongoing calls for applications here.


Implement our 'Startup School' program at your UNI

The best place to get started on your entrepreneurial journey is at university. Our program can be implemented in different formats and variations. From a one day workshop to a full semester class, we're ready to take our program to your university. If you think this might be for you, contact us!



Adapt the TVSS Program for your COMPANY

It’s no secret that to stay competitive you have to be innovative. Our experience in entrepreneurship and innovation programs and our connection with the startup world makes for amazing intra-innovation programs at big companies. We can teach the entrepreneurial method to your employees, arrange meeting with startups, give workshops, you name it. Our program and expertise can be adapted in many ways, just ask


Host the program as an activity in your CITY

Our Startup School program can be taken anywhere! We are the perfect fit for budding entrepreneurship startupthat who's entrepreneurs need that first push. We'll train your team on how to run the program, help you find mentors and organize the sessions. Each city and team has different needs, so please feel free to ask us about any specific case