Tetuan Valley StartupSchool #17

Spring 2018

It’s been already 16 editions of our startup school program and we are back to rock it during the 17th! 

The Startup School is a 6 week training program for teams starting out with a tech-based product. We focus on startups in the first year of their development, to help them through the most important steps as digital entrepreneurs.

The format has been improved throughout this year: Mentor talks in the first part of the session, and workshops with experts and Pitch Practice in the second part. 

We are very happy to have Campus Madrid as collaborators of the program, for this reason, sessions will be open to the public. Don’t hesitate to come and enjoy the amazing talks of our mentors. 



6 week program with a weekly 4-hour session where you will get to know all of the important steps when you're getting started with your startup.

  • April 18th - Product & Common Mistakes 
  • April 24th - Effective presentations
  • April 25th - Value Proposition
  • May 3rd - Product Development & UX
  • May 5th&6th - Hackathon
  • May 9th - Metrics & Business Models
  • May 16th - Sales B2B & Marketing B2C
  • May 23rd - Investment
  • June 6th - DemoDay

Session times: 17:00 - 21:00


Apply for this program if:

  • You have a tech-based product or an idea for one
  • You have a team that includes the CTO
  • You can attend all of the sessions in person
  • You want to join a community of entrepreneurs that support each other

The program has no cost. We do not take fees or equity. All we ask is that you give back to the community down the road. 

Come join one of the biggest communities of entrepreneurs around Europe!


THE Mentors


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