After 7 years of running Startup Schools, we have become experts at choosing the right mentors for the talks and at matchmaking them with startups.


Our Strong Community

Year after year, our alumni keep coming to give back to the program. Volunteers mentors, ‘godparents’ - they fulfill any role they can. Our alumni become an invaluable database of connections and also knowledge, always willing to help each other out. Our network does not extend only to our alumni, but also our collaborators at Google and other European accelerators.

It was a fantastic experience: we met a bunch of cool mentors who helped us with everything we needed. We now know how to run a business. We also learned the importance of metrics and how to truly validate our ideas.
— Alberto Gimeno, TVSS11

Expertise in Choosing Mentors

We collaborate with accelerators from across Europe such as Numa Paris and Beta-i from Lisbon, widening our network of mentors. We also work with Nomadic Mentors, a program that sends mentors from Silicon Valley around the world, and we have access to Google mentors by working at Google’s Campus Madrid.